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Alps Shionomichi Kouryuu Kaigi
Head Office: Niigata-ken, Itoigawa-shi, Yokomachi 1-1-1
TEL: 025-521-2627
FAX: 025-520-4151
Details of our Main Activities
1.The Kita Alps Shionomichi Forum (Northern Alps Shionomichi Forum) was held.

Michidsukuri Partnership member groups and organizations and companies whose agreement we are able to obtain will attend this forum, where the attendees will give presentations, exchange opinions, obtain collaboration for their activities and develop a sense of unity with one another.
2.Creation of the "Shionomichi" "Sengoku Byways" Walking Map
Cultural assets and attractive spots for taking photographs will be collated and these will be used to create a "narrative map" that shows regional revival activities.
3.Developing modern "Bokka" mountain porters & "Kataribe" storytellers.
In order to prepare for the revival of the "narrative Shionomichi," people will be trained as instructors who can tell stories about and guide people around "Shionomichi." As a group, we will approve these activities and construct a system for using "Shionomichi."
4.Constructing "road gathering spots" complete with "nobotoke" statues and traditional signposts.
Beautifying the "nobotoke" statues and traditional signposted areas that are scattered along the old and the modern road so that they might function as roadside rest and relaxation spots and set up handmade spaces where people are able stop and rest.
5.Learn about the culture of the "Shionomichi" from implements that people use in their daily lives.
The local implements that the people who travelled up and down Shionomichi used have also been designated as important cultural assets of Japan and so now people are paying renewed consideration to how valuable they are. Lectures where people can learn about the relationship between the local tools and the road will be held at resource centers along the "Shionomichi" route.

<Details of Other Activities>
Developing a "Shionomichi - the Road of Lifelong Learning" brand  Launching a portal site for "Shionomichi - the Road of Lifelong Learning"  Establishing "Shionomichi Teahouses" Food festivals along the "Shionomichi" route  Renewing the "Shionomichi" Walking Events Setting up "End Stations" at mountain passes Installing guides to take people up and down the "Shionomichi" route Promoting "Old Road Revival and Restoration" and "Roadside Beautification" Setting up and maintaining attractive spots where people can take photos  Setting up and maintaining parks where people can walk Establishing signs and wooden guard rails that are in harmony with the natural environment "Forest walking" therapy

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