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Alps Shionomichi Kouryuu Kaigi
Head Office: Niigata-ken, Itoigawa-shi, Yokomachi 1-1-1
TEL: 025-521-2627
FAX: 025-520-4151
Activities are currently being conducted on the old road, Route 148, highways and city streets that lie along the Northern "Shionomichi" route that spans the two cities of Itoigawa (Niigata Prefecture) and Omachi (Nagano Prefecture) and the two villages of Otari and Hakuba (Niigata Prefecture).In the future, we are aiming to develop the route as a whole so that the Southern "Shionomichi" road as far as Kakegawa City may also be included.
The route can be broadly divided into two parts - the 120 km Northern "Shionomichi" route (Itoigawa-Shijiri) and the 230 km Southern "Shionomichi" route (Sagara-Shiojiri). The Northern route passes between the two national parks (the Chubu Sangaku Kokuritsu Koen and the Joshinetsu-kogen National Park) and lies along the Western border of the Fossa Magna.
The landscape of this area is unique, having been shaped by the diverse communities that formed in the mountains and valleys that weave their way through the alpine region at the foot of Mr. Higashiyama in the Northern Alps, creating spectacular scenery that is in harmony with nature.
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