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Alps Shionomichi Kouryuu Kaigi
Head Office: Niigata-ken, Itoigawa-shi, Yokomachi 1-1-1
TEL: 025-521-2627
FAX: 025-520-4151
In the midst of the Fossa Magna that divides the Japanese archipelago from east to west and which gives rise to the natural environment, features and cultural customs of Japan, we aim to learn afresh about the origins of the lifestyle and culture of the Japanese people, to invite new discoveries about and respect for these things and to create a "Shionomichi Course" so as to enhance our ability to learn from one another.
I To revive and restore the role played by the road
Policy 1 To revive and restore the narrative qualities of "Shionomichi"
Just like the Romantic Road of Germany, we will develop the "Shionomichi" road so that it is imbued with a deep, narrative quality.
We will set up a walking course so that people who take a stroll on the "Shionomichi" road will be able to grasp well the natural features of Japan and its cultural traditions.

Shionomichi Sengoku Byways Hyakutai Kannon

Policy 2 To revive and restore the "road culture" of normal people.
Unlike the Five Roads, which were traversed by Daimyo processions, "Shionomichi" is a road that people travelled in the course of their daily lives. For that reason, a large number of "lifestyle and cultural relics" have been inherited and are still being used by the people who live in the area in the present day. With "road" being the key word, our aim is to "exploit" those relics, learn about the road culture that was generated by "Shionomichi" and find a new "role" for the road to play.
II To exploit the resources of the region
Policy 3 To link the resources of the whole "Shionomichi" route, which is the longest of its kind in Japan
The "Shionomichi," which links the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean, is dotted with a large number of regional resources and for this reason, it is conceivable that it may be developed in various ways as a "Road for Lifelong Learning." We will link these resources in a cross-sectional manner that covers various aspects such as time, natural features, culture and lifestyle, and therefore develop "Shionomichi" as a themed route.

Policy 4 To learn and transmit "Shionomichi" dietary culture
Various dietary cultures based on agricultural and marine produce and local cuisine developed in "Shionomichi" and they have been passed on to the people who live there today.
In the midst of this day and age when the importance of "Slow Food" (as opposed to Fast Food) is being reconsidered, we will study afresh and transmit the "Shionomichi" dietary cultures.

III To create new or diverse values

Policy 5 To develop mechanisms whereby people can enjoy walking on the old road at any time.
The old "Shionomichi" route is currently being utilized for walking events, however, it is not a course that people are able to enjoy walking at any time. We aim to enhance the accessibility of the national highways and byways, which are the present day "Shionomichi," and develop mechanisms whereby people can enjoy walking and cycling on the route at any time.

Policy 6 To develop mechanisms whereby people can enjoy cycling the route in safety
Itoigawa is well-known as a bicycling mecca, and Route 148, which is the present-day "Shionomichi," has a large number of cyclists, who ride it back and forth with the cars. We will develop a cycling course where people can enjoy riding safely.

IV Clearing up used negative assets

Policy 7 To continue to protect "Shionomichi" as our future property
We are currently working on campaigns to ban the posting of outdoor public notices, which spoil the magnificent landscape of the Northern Alps, designate regulated zones, preserve the roadside scenery and beautify the road. In the future, we intend to promote activities that clear up these negative assets and further expand our efforts to preserve this gorgeous environment that we are fortunate to have. On the other hand, in this age where rural regions are becoming more and more depopulated, it is also important that we continue to prevent "Shionomichi" from becoming worn down and protect this old road. Therefore, we will press forward with even more activities in the future.
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